After three years on Teen Wolf, you’ve had your fair share of makeout scenes. What’s been your biggest revelation?
Make sure they don’t have oral herpes. We have a couple of cast members who have cold sores, and when they have outbreaks, kissing scenes legally have to be rescheduled. I am not getting mouth herpes from Teen Wolf. You can take my dignity, but you’ll not take my lack of mouth herpes.


And I’ll keep you close to me.

Happy Birthday Rena!

and rain will make the flowers
         g        r        o        w

you still got me

(not without you)

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Im not abnegationI’m not dauntless, I am Divergent.

  • s1: my mom does all the grocery shopping
  • s2: "you're not gay" "I could be?"
  • s3a: she's kinda hot
  • s4: i'm worth 5 dollars??


Two gangs, one ruled streets by day, the other by night. It was only a matter of time before their paths crossed. - Best Coast - Our Deal (x)

Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux-mêmes.